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Using the LQF in your school

The Learning Quality Framework guides the long-term learning journey of a school that aspires to make world-class learning its prime educational goal. It captures the essence of what a learning school does to ensure that all its people — staff and students — become better learners.

The Learning Quality Framework has three aspects, which together, help scaffold the school’s learning journey:

  • at its heart is the Learning Quality Standard, a quality standard that captures how key aspects of a school’s culture link together to assist in developing learning and learners.
  • external progress review and verification processes help to bring focus and motivation that propel, progress and recognise the school’s action.
  • materials and consultancy assist the school in understanding the standard, diagnosing current practice, drawing up an action plan and monitoring its own development.

The Learning Quality Framework  guides and progresses the long-term learning journey of a school that wants to:

  • build young people’s mental, emotional and social resources to enjoy challenge and cope well with uncertainty and complexity
  • use the learning sciences to re-think and renew the school’s educational core
  • operate as a learning organisation
  • play a more expansive educational game

The Learning Quality Framework translates these challenging aspirations into practical descriptions of what the school needs to be like along the way to realising them. Such ambitions may call for wide-ranging adaptations in the culture of a school, so the framework encompasses issues not only of pedagogy but of leadership, professional development, curriculum, parents and community, and more.

It is increasingly evident that the educational methods that we have been using for the past 70 years no longer suffice. They are based on scientific assumptions about … the learning process that have been eclipsed by new discoveries. Yet changing them has been slow because the nature of educational reform is largely one of tinkering with institutional arrangements. Rarely has reform penetrated the educational core” Professor Lauren Resnick.

The Learning Quality Framework is designed to help a school review and re-design its educational core using research from the learning sciences to guide its development.

Additional Resources

A PowerPoint Presentation which outlines the Learning Quality Framework is available to download and use via this link: LQF_ppt_Website_11-05-2012.ppt

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