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We have practical, expert help available for schools of all sizes both in the UK around the world. Send us a message using the form below so one of our consultants can get in touch to discuss learning in your school.

The way we work

We care about innovation.

Education never stands still. New thinking, legislative changes and target shifts all put greater demands on schools and teachers. At TLO, we strive to keep ahead of these changes by researching and harnessing the most advanced thinking, and making this available through our training and publications.

We care about clarity and coherence.
Education is full of competing and contradictory ideas. We work to focus the fuzzy ideas, distil and blend the best thinking, try things out in practice, and create clear, coherent models and frameworks that can be adapted for use throughout a school.

We care about quality and detail.
We do sometimes, as some would say, ‘sweat the small stuff’. We attend to the little details that actually make things work. We believe that our attention to detail in both the content and the visual design of our training materials and publications makes them easier to understand and more effective in use.

We care, especially, about long-lasting effects.
We don’t offer ready-made answers. Instead we aim to stimulate your curiosity, draw your attention to good ideas and practice, and help you find your own solutions. Our programmes and publications are designed to keep you thinking, questioning and making your own sense of the learning world for a long time to come.

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