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Taking action

The school works through its action plan, which will have followed on from the initial diagnosis/audit, or an external review of progress, or a level-verification report written by the external assessor.

  • Bronze: the school undertakes a range of small-scale learning enquiries to help their understanding of how learning works, laying the foundations for later levels.
  • Silver: the school is nailing its learning colours to the mast, determining and spreading its learning strategy into ever widening aspects of school life.
  • Gold: the approaches are deeply embedded in the school, teachers are highly skilled in expanding learning behaviours, and students benefit from being skilled, self-reflective learners.
  • Platinum: the school uses its own initiative and sets its own goals; it must prove its own achievement rather than be assessed against pre-established criteria.

School Development GuideThe School Development Guide

The Guide offers explanations of the ideas that lie behind each aspect of the LQF. It provides rich and essential information to ensure success both in planning and in taking action.

This 120 page guide contains sections that:

  • unpack each dimension



  •  explain each principle

  • give a brief explanation of each indicator

  1. indicator
  2. explanation
  • give ideas, examples and suggestions of what each indicator means in practice, and how to be sure your practice is robust.

  1. The indicator
  2. A brief explanation
  3. What this level indicator is about and what this means in practice
  4. Things that will indicate you have reached this stage; questions to ask yourself.

Desk-top Review

The Level Assessment Chart (LAC) is a condensed version of the audit tool, focusing solely on the level at which the school wishes to be assessed.

The school populates the chart with short statements of practice against each indicator and notes about where evidence of this might be found. This information will have been drawn from the school’s full up-to-date Audit Tool 2. The LAC is the first substantive document that the assessor will use in building up a picture of the school.

When the school feels ready for assessment, the Level Assessment Chart is sent electronically to TLO for initial scrutiny. This is a free checking service to make sure that the school appears to have sufficient evidence to warrant an assessment and to remove any chance of an invalid assessment.

The school’s personalised Level Assessment Chart is passed to an assessor and used by them to plan the assessment visit.

Assembling the LAC is the first step in a valuable, non-bureaucratic assessment and accreditation process.

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