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Learning Quality Framework

Do you aspire to:

Nurture independent lifellong learners, prepared for the challenges of 21st Century living?
Surpass Ofsted’s new expectations for teaching and learning, with ease and confidence?
Make world-class learning your educational goal?
Create a learning-friendly culture?
Using the learning sciences to redesign your school’s educational core?

The Framework will help you to:

Evolve a curriculum that engages, challenges and inspires – equipping young people with the values, insights and skills to lead their own learning.
Create a learning-oriented culture that delivers higher achievement all round.
Establish a coherent approach to expanding intelligence, empowering learners, and strengthening learning character.
Develop leadership approaches that support innovation, build independence and responsibility, and monitor practice to improve the quality of learning.
Dispel myths about learning and use well founded research to grow the teacher’s role in fostering more intelligent learners.

How do you:

  • ensure your students become independent lifelong learners?
  • broaden the approach to education in your school?
  • build a coherent approach to learning?
  • base your approach to learning on research from the learning sciences?
  • make sure all learners are winners in your school?
  • pioneer 21st century education?

The Learning Quality Framework makes this vital and difficult ambition DO-ABLE.

The Learning Quality Framework guides the long-term learning journey of a school that aspires to make world-class learning its prime educational goal. It captures the essence of what a learning school does to ensure that all its people – staff and students – become better learners.

Whatever your current approaches to learning — be they Philosophy for Children, Assessment for Learning, SEAL, PLTS, Building Learning Power, Habits of Mind, or RSA Opening Minds — The Learning Quality Framework guides the school in blending and infusing them into a coherent learning culture and strategy.

The LQF supports a leaning journey to meet a quality standard. The school makes the journey but the standard shows you the whole journey and alerts you to hazards. Resources and consultancy guide your progression through its stages, and the award of a Quality Mark recognises and rewards your foresight and effort.

A PowerPoint Presentation which outlines the Learning Quality Framework is available to download and use via this link: LQF_Presentation.ppt

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