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Building Learning Power™ is the still growing outcome of more than twelve years’ work, thinking and experience by Professor Guy Claxton, TLO Limited, and schools of all types. As the country’s leading learning-how-to-learn programme, it blends training, consultancy, learning reviews, publications and resources — all approved by Professor Claxton, who continues to inspire and inform developments.

Our rich range of training, consultancy, reviews and resources aims to scaffold a school’s learning journey as it develops learning power. No school undertakes the same journey; we work with you to customise support for your long-term commitment to build your students’ learning capacities.

Phases in the learning journey

Focusing on Learning Power

  • Discover how Building Learning Power fits with the school’s learning philosophy
  • Explore how to make a start

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Developing: Learning Power, year 1

  • Carry out small-scale learning enquiries
  • Train learning power champions
  • Find out what works for the school

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Establishing: widening across the school, years 2 and 3

  • Infuse learning power into classroom practice
  • Bring parents on board
  • Track the progress of students’ learning power
  • Incorporate the philosophy and practice into the routines of school life
  • Spread the ideas throughout the school

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Enhancing: continuing improvement, years 4 onwards

  • Deepen and improve practice throughout the school and its community
  • Develop a portfolio of evidence

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