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"At a Glance" Cards Series One - PLTS

Bring every teacher up to speed on PLTS! Six idea-packed cards, which unpick the PLTS and show you how to enhance your students' skills.


"At a Glance" Cards Series Two

Help infuse the BLP into their teaching.


'Your Learning Powered Mind' Poster (x20)

Your Learning Powered Mind ‚ "Brain" Poster


At a Glance Cards Series 1 & 2 Bundles

Help infuse the PLTS into their teaching with this bundle pack of 5 sets of each of the two Series.


Blaze BLP

Five interactive, web-based quizzes for students. Excellent for stimulating enthusiasm and discussion about learning power.


Building 101 Ways to Learning Power

by Maryl Chambers, Graham Powell and Guy Claxton. This handbook is written for classroom teachers who have been introduced to the idea of learning power, and who are interested in using it in practice.


TLO - The Learning Organisation

Building Better Learners

A blended package of learning resources and consultancy support, offering schools an affordable, guided, D.I.Y. start to implementing learning power in classrooms.


TLO - The Learning Organisation

Building Learning Habits

A flexible programme of workshops and coaching for middle leaders and teachers, exploring the practicalities of embedding learning habits into the curriculum.


Building Learning Power

by Guy Claxton. International research into how the mind works shows that we are all capable of becoming better learners. Building Learning Power applies this research directly to the work of teachers in classrooms, to provide a practical framework for fostering lifelong learning in all young people


Building Learning Power in Action

by Sarah Gornall, Maryl Chambers and Guy Claxton. Building Learning Power in Action shows how some schools have embraced BLP, and captures the exciting effects it is having in classrooms.


Building Learning Power Posters Bundle of 5 sets of the "4R" Posters

Colourful and student friendly poster set focusing on Building Resourcefulness, Resilience, Reflectiveness and Reciprocity.


TLO - The Learning Organisation

Building on the Foundations of Learning Power (Level 2)

A pick and mix series of workshops to help BLP lead practitioners to deepen learning power in their schools and its community.


TLO - The Learning Organisation

Building the Foundations for Learning Power (Level 1)

A four-day course to prepare lead practitioners to develop pupils’ powerful learning habits in their schools


TLO - The Learning Organisation

Coaching — What and Why

Stand-alone first-day workshop of a three-day programme for middle leaders and classroom practitioners.


TLO - The Learning Organisation

Consultancy and Coaching Visits

Bespoke consultancy and coaching to enhance and guide development


TLO - The Learning Organisation

Infusing Learning Power into Lessons

A practical one-day workshop for teachers who have successfully introduced the language of learning and are ready to deliver dual focused learning powered lessons.


TLO - The Learning Organisation

Introducing Learning Power to Leadership Teams (Secondary)

A half-day or two-hour session enabling strategic leaders to investigate the purpose, scope and versatility of Building Learning Power.


TLO - The Learning Organisation

Leading a Learning Powered School

A one-day workshop for senior leaders in schools at the start of their engagement in building students’ learning power. It investigates the strategic implications of developing a learning powered school


Learning Power Heroes

by Raegan Delaney, Leanne Day and Maryl Chambers. Learning Power Heroes shows how four primary schools have embraced BLP by capitalising on every childs' ability to learn by imitation.


TLO - The Learning Organisation

Learning Review (Secondary)

An in-depth review of learning throughout the school, undertaken with a team of staff from the school


Learning to Learn - The Fourth Generation

by Professor Guy Claxton. Guy Claxton guides us through this brief history of learning to learn, and lays out the exciting future that is in store using an approach called Building Learning Power.


Pathways to Classroom Observation

by Graham Powell, Maryl Chambers and Gillian Baxter. This handbook explores a range of purposes and methods for classroom observation, with the emphasis throughout on supporting teacher development.


Pathways to Coaching

by Graham Powell, Maryl Chambers and Gillian Baxter. This handbook explores the skills that will enable team leaders to put coaching into practice with their team.


Professor Guy Claxton Keynote

As the voice of Building Learning Power, Professor Guy Claxton has inspired thousands of teaching professionals around the world.


The BLP Activity Bank (Foundation - KS1)

A bank of e-learning resources to connect young learners with their learning power


The BLP Activity Bank (KS2–KS3 Transition)

A bank of e-learning resources to engage transition or KS3 students with their learning power


The BLP Activity Bank Package

An on-line bank of classroom activities, to help build learning power in your students.


The Learning Powered School - Pioneering 21st Century Education

by Guy Claxton, Maryl Chambers, Graham Powell and Bill Lucas. “...its multitude of suggestions for action are imaginative, practical and tested by real teachers in real schools.” Professor Patricia Broadfoot CBE


TLO - The Learning Organisation

The What, Why and How of Building Learning Power

A one-day workshop for strategic leaders, investigating the validity and practicality of BLP for their school.


What's the point of school

by Guy Claxton. Rediscovering the Heart of Education. A powerful and timely examination of why our schools are built to fail, and how to redesign them to meet the needs of the modern world.