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Five interactive, web-based quizzes for students. Excellent for stimulating enthusiasm and discussion about learning power.

How do your students view themselves as learners?

How well are your students progressing as learners?

Are your students becoming more independent, creative and self-aware?

Find out using this easy web-based AfL tool that allows learners to profile themselves and provides teachers with detailed reports and coaching prompts

Blaze BLP is a series of five short, interactive, web-based quizzes for students, which aim to open and extend thinking about learning to learn. They will:

  • stimulate discussion and enthusiasm for learning power.
  • create a dialogue about learning power.
  • over time, build up a picture of the development of students' perceptions of themselves as learners.

Each short quiz provides immediate feedback, as a non-judgmental picture of the student’s current characteristics as a learner. This is couched in the language of learning power dispositions or capacities, supported by student-friendly explanations.

Suggestions for follow-on activities, aimed at enhancing and extending learning-power habits, can be used by teachers and students together to deepen understanding and engagement. Printed or saved feedback is ideal for inclusion in students' learning logs or learning passports. Teachers can review students' results individually, or grouped, and summarised in a variety of ways.

Using Blaze BLP
  • deepens teacher-student learning relationships.
  • helps develop a common language for learning across the school.
  • invigorates students' interest in their learning.
  • provides valuable periodic assessment information.

"It was fantastic to see the findings alongside my SATs results. It helped me focus my teaching in a completely different way"

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