Streamlined Strategic Planning (Secondary)

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What is this handbook about? This handbook presents a five-stage approach to developing a strategic plan for a school. It guides the leadership team and governors through a strategic planning process, and shows how the outcome of each stage may be recorded.

How does the handbook work? The handbook is divided into two sections Section one gives an overview of the key concepts of strategic planning together with a summary of the contents of a typical strategic plan. Section two offers a step-by-step approach to developing and documenting a strategic plan. Each step is illustrated by an example.

The left-hand pages briefly explain the why, what, how, when and who of each step. Right-hand pages show an example of the outcome of each step. The examples build up to illustrate the progress of documenting a strategic development plan in one school. Where can you find more information? This handbook is a companion volume to TLO's manual planning for Performance. Planning for Performance is a staff development resource which offers a wider range of activities and approaches to strategic planning.

Each step is illustrated by examples, which build up to show the progress of documenting a strategic plan in one school.

Primary school edition also available. (36 pages, A4.)

by Maryl Chambers and Gillian Baxter

£ 9.00

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