Pathways to Monitoring

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The what and why of monitoring Establishing a spirit of enquiry Making monitoring manageable The skills of monitoring Monitoring in the learning school (30 pages, handy size.)

by Gillian Baxter, Maryl Chambers and John Mills

Imagine a school where everyone knows that they are contributing to the school's aims and achievements.

A school where the spirit of enquiry and curiosity goes hand in hand with the desire for continuous improvement.

Where self-monitoring is a compelling act of discovery rather than a compliant act of duty. In such a school, monitoring is an essential element in the collaborative learning process to which all teachers are committed. It involves everyone: it is done by everyone and not to everyone. The headteacher inspires a coherent vision that challenges and supports teachers to reflect and improve their work.

Monitoring is not concerned to check up and find fault but to assure quality. It assumes that all teachers want to do the best they can for their pupils and that they have the capacity to generate their own creative solutions. All staff take pride in their achievernents and responsibility for their own development.

As professionals they respond positively to the dernands of public accountability whilst knowing that their ultimate accountability is to themselves if they are to do the best job possible and stay learning. Individual teachers watch themselves at work and constantly check the progress of their pupils. Tearns reflect on how they work together and hold themselves accountable for the impact of their work on pupils. Throughout the school, staff collect and examine a range of data and evidence that they use to assess performance. There is an efficient and manageable cycle of rnonitoring activity.

Everyone is adept at scanning the big picture in order to check that agreed targets and standards are being achieved. They understand the connections between what their pupils achieve and how they do their job. They seek to make sense of the unexpected by digging deeper to find out exactly why things are as they are.

They focus on detail to find out where to make improvements that will have a lasting impact on outcornes. They seek out innovative and exceptional practice and make sure it is shared for the benefit of everyone. In such a school, the spirit of selfconfidence is infectious and ensures that all teachers and pupils are actively engaged in the lifelong learning process.

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