BLP Infusion Lessons — KS2 Core subjects

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CD-ROM containing a range of exemplar lessons illustrating how the development of learning habits can be infused into lessons.

Schools are now establishing a common language for learning across their classrooms, pupils are experimenting with learning capacities, and teachers are acting as learning power coaches. Amidst all this learning-how-to-learm activity, teachers are now seeking straightforward ways to infuse the learning-power capacities with the content of the curriculum. The resources provide some answers

How will the school benefit?

These eBLP resources offer many example lessons together with a lesson design template that shows teachers how to blend curriculum content with the development of learning power habits.

How will teachers benefit?

These materials will help teachers to:

  • appreciate how the content (the ‘what’) and the process (the ‘how’) of learning can be woven together and made explicit to pupils;
  • recognise where and how to incorporate learning-power capacities into a lesson using the ‘9 thinks’ design template;
  • blend learning power capacities into their own lessons whatever the content;
  • deepen their own and their pupils’ understanding of learning power.

BLP Infusion Lessons — KS2 Core subjects

Designed by an AST from Bristol

  • Ten KS2 lessons infused with learning power capacities shown as Powerpoint presentations together with full coaching notes for teachers
  • 3 Mathematics lessons
    • Calculating Yr3
    • Shape and Space Yr5
    • Problem solving Yr6
  • 3 Literacy lessons
    • Grammatical awareness Yr4
    • Speaking and Listening Yr5
    • Creative Writing Yr6
  • 3 Science lessons
    • Green plants Yr3
    • Forces Yr4
    • Keeping healthy Yr5
  • 1 lesson on Collaboration, to build awareness of and best practice in this capacity

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