rEvolution: How to thrive in crazy times

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We have reached a turning point in our development as a species. In the coming decades we face hugely significant global challenges. For many of us these seem like crazy times to be living in, with the speed of change accelerating faster than ever.

150 years after Charles Darwin invented the concept of natural selection, Bill Lucas argues that the rules of evolution are changing. To thrive in our current crazy world we need a new kind of mind-ware . Specifically we need to develop our adaptive intelligence. rEvolution describes some of the steps you can take the new rules of change - at home, at school and at work to survive and thrive.

"Not just a book, but a generous compendium of practical ideas; so generous in fact that you'll surely thrive on just a fraction of the suggestions Bill Lucas offers up in this compelling book."

Dr Peter Honey, Author and Expert on Learning

£ 12.99

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