The Creative Thinking Plan

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How to generate ideas and solve problems in your work and life.

How much more could you achieve by being creative?
Creativity is a major economic force of the 21st century, and increasingly, we need to go beyond conventional thinking to achieve our full potential in our personal and professional lives. Guy Claxton and Bill Lucas believe we can all succeed in this if we culitvate our minds to grow stronger ideas and develop a more flexible and productive approach in our daily lives.

'This book tantalizes us with the realisation that learning and creativity are close, and possibly inseparable, companions... The concise and clear text provides a practical and common-sense view of creativity...' Times Educational Supplement

"Full of ideas about ideas, exercises that exercise your creativity and thoughts that provoke thinking ... oh and I've finally learned how to see magic-eye images!"
Elizabeth Furness, TLO consultant

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