Building 101 Ways to Learning Power

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For teachers starting to explore learning power in their classrooms:

This new handbook encourages you to think that bit differently about how you can engage with your students in helping them to become better learners.

The ideas grow out of Guy Claxton’s Building Learning Power, offering practical ways for you to work with your class at exploring and expanding their learning capacities.
However don’t expect an instruction manual with detailed programmes and lists of tricks: there are lists, and classroom examples, and suggestions aplenty, but they aim to prompt and guide you into creating the ideas that will work with your students.

Enjoy more rewards from your teaching as you coach your students in the processes of their own learning, with the shared knowledge that learning is learnable.

Professor Guy Claxton reviews this handbook

When teachers focus on building learning power in their classrooms, the impact on learners can be startling. I’ve seen this happen in schools across the UK when teachers have begun to think creatively about the ways in which they can help young people become better learners.

We all know that if you put a deep, practical understanding of learning at the heart of what goes on in classrooms, it will have wide-ranging impact on all young people.

Although there are no quick fixes, there are things that teachers can do immediately that will develop learning dispositions and make teaching more rewarding. Sustainable impact takes a bit longer and requires teachers to think more deeply about the way they teach in order to help young people to become lifelong learners.

This book is the first in a series of practical handbooks stemming from my earlier book, Building Learning Power. It is designed to encourage you to think differently about the ways in which you work with students. You will not find a list of tricks and tips; this is not an instruction manual. The process of building learning power is far too dynamic for that.

We are inviting you to make a step change in what you are trying to effect in the classroom. We want you to be able to join other teachers who have broadened their focus from the narrow fields of attainment and behaviour to the broader horizons of lifelong learning.

As you journey through this book you will build your own capacity to be a learning powered individual and to generate those ‘101’ approaches that are going to work in your classroom.

This approach has been tried and tested through the extensive development work I have been doing with many teachers over the last ten years. You know that putting learning at the heart of what you do makes sense. We know that Building Learning Power works.

Professor Guy Claxton

(28 pages, A4.)

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