The BLP Activity Bank Package

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This package of both the BLP Activity Banks provides two e-learning resources to connect young learners with their learning power - written by experienced practitioners - they are both designed to help teachers orchestrate and extend well-known activities so that they explicitly engage, stretch and broaden pupil’s learning power capacities.

The materials are designed to be used flexibly to meet a range of school needs including:

  • In everyday lessons,
  • PHSE programmes and Circle Time,
  • Blended into SEAL programmes,
  • In preparation for the new Primary Curriculum to introduce parents to BLP

The materials are designed to:

  • Help teachers infuse building learning power into the curriculum,
  • Help children’s’ understanding of learning power,
  • Develop a common language for learning across the school,
  • Start the process of building pupil’s effective learning habits,
  • Spark teacher’s creativity to develop more...
  • Save hours of design and planning time.
The Foundation Activity Bank includes:
  • Taster activities to introduce children to their learning capacities,
  • A series of original and engaging stories to connect children to the familiar everyday ways of using learning power,
  • Stretching activities that enable children to experience using their learning capacities in real tasks,
  • Ideas of what to look for in the progression of learning power,
  • Full teacher-focused explanations of each learning capacity,
  • Hundreds of suggestions of how learning power can be made explicit and used effectively with younger children.

The activities in the Transition Bank are organised under five Themes and 24 Topics; and for each topic as three kinds of activity - Connecting, Stretching and Transferring.

Target age range: lower secondary/upper primary

  • Many activities work over a wider range or can be readily adapted to do so,
  • Many others are easy to adapt, up or down the age range,
  • Coaching notes for each main activity,
  • Topics cover all the Learning Power dispositions and capacities,
  • Training and consultancy support available,

Further information

The Activity Bank is an online resource and is accessible from any internet enable PC or Mac. Site licence allows access by all staff from any web enabled computer, no instailation of software should be required.


To download example pages from the Transition key stage 2/3 Activity bank in pdf format please click here.

To download example pages from the Foundation Key stage 1 Activity Bank in pdf format please click here.


The price is for one or three years and is based on the school’s total number on Roll. Please selecting the correct product from the list below for your size of School.

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