Learning Review (Secondary)

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An in-depth review of learning throughout the school, undertaken with a team of staff from the school.

How will the school benefit?

The school will gain a unique and objective view of the quality of learning in the school and how teachers are enabling young people to learn effectively. Review findings are useful in planning the longitudinal and multi-layered culture shift needed to grow creative, independent learners. The review process enhances the school’s self-evaluation capacity.

How will participants benefit?

The Learning Review is undertaken with a team of reviewers from the school.

As a result they develop skills in:

  • Collecting data on learning
  • Analysing independent learning skills in students
  • Analysing effective teacher behaviours that promote learning
  • Enhancing the school’s self-evaluation processes.

Levels of Learning Review

There are three levels of learning review. Each level has a set of data collection tools and criteria.

Level 1
For schools not yet involved in using learning power. The review offers valuable information on which to base their development.

Level 2
For schools that have been using learning power approaches for a little while. The review offers valuable information on which to base further development and/or reinvigorate practice.

Level 3
For schools that have been using BLP across the school for some time. The review enables the school to assess its progress in establishing deep learning in the classroom and the impact on student learning.

What will TLO provide?

  • An experienced evaluator of learning
  • Coaching for the review team selected by the school (level 1)
  • Classroom observation formats
  • Structured interview questions for key staff and students
  • Structured formats for data collection of various types
  • Two days reviewing in school alongside school reviewers
  • Collation and analysis of findings
  • Full written report of findings with recommendations for action
  • Interactive feedback with school leaders

Further Information

  • Level 1 Learning Reviews have proved to be the ideal start for schools embarking on deepening learning throughout the school.

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