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Let TLO lighten the burden of analysing and interpreting your RAISEonline report.

The data in your RAISEonline report, and an understanding of its import, will be vital to your school’s self-evaluation and your plans for improvement — even though you may no longer be intending to complete a SEF as such.

Like many schools, you may find it hard to read and interpret the RAISEonline report, and would welcome some support in understanding the data. Or you and your staff may just have plenty of other pressing things to do with your time. In either case, help is at hand.

Steve Watson, Principal Consultant with TLO Limited, can provide a full analysis of your RAISEonline report, including the likely overall gradings for Attendance, Progress, Attainment and Achievement.

You can choose to receive just the analysis of your report, or you can add two options -- consultancy advice on the analysis, and/or fast turnround.

RAISE Basic: A full analysis of your RAISEonline report.
Just email your RAISE access codes to us, and we will send you back an electronic copy of Steve’s analysis and overall gradings.

RAISE Basic costs £350 for a primary school (KS1 / KS2). Once you have placed your order and sent us your access codes, we will schedule the analysis in Steve’s diary and email you by return with the approximate date when you will receive your analysis.

You can download an example of the detail provided in the analysis by clicking here.

RAISE Standard: Add expert consultancy to the analysis of your report.
The same full analysis of your RAISEonline report as in RAISE Basic. PLUS Steve will come to your school for half a day to explain his analysis, discuss how and why he made the judgements, and consider with you what the implications are for your planning and development. Depending on your school’s needs, this conversation could be with the senior leadership team, Governors, key faculty heads, etc.

RAISE Standard for a primary school costs £845 plus reasonable travelling expenses. We will negotiate an agreed date for the consultancy with you, either when you place your order or subsequently.

“A skilful analysis and presentation which combined clarity of outline with attention to detail. The SLG left feeling much better informed but also with a lot more confidence that it had identified the key issues for the school to address.”
St Matthew Academy, London

RAISE Express: Results returned within five working days.
Ideal if Ofsted is looming and you need a quick turnround!

The process is exactly as for RAISE Basic or Standard, but we will aim to get the analysis back to you within five working days of your order. Call TLO first to discuss this — we can’t absolutely promise availability, as Steve may have other things in his diary and we might even allow him to take some leave sometime. RAISE Express costs £200 in addition to the RAISE Basic or RAISE Standard.

About Steve Watson
Steve Watson has extensive experience of senior leadership in schools and is highly experienced in data analysis. As a mathematician, his understanding of data and of the Ofsted guidance used by inspectors prior to inspection enables him to provide you with a thorough and thoughtful analysis of your RAISEonline report. As Deputy Head at Alderbrook School in Solihull, he gained a deep practical understanding of what matters in the data for planning future improvements. As a Principal Consultant with TLO, he can apply his skills and expertise to benefit your school.

Click here to download an example analysis.

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