Building on the Foundations of Learning Power (Level 2)

  • Overview
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A pick and mix series of workshops to help BLP lead practitioners to deepen learning power in their schools and its community.

How will the school benefit?

The programme supports lead practitioners in developing and deepening learning power practice across the school and into the community.

How will participants benefit?

The programme builds participants’ confidence and skill in:

  • Infusing learning power into everyday classroom practice
  • Managing learning enquiries (action research) into the development of BLP across the school
  • Coaching other staff in implementing BLP
  • Using a whole-school approach to BLP to extend good learning into the community
  • Considering the progression of learning power and how this might be assessed.

What does the content include?

The programme can be built from a selection of workshops to meet the particular needs of the group.

  • Infusing learning power into lessons. A practical workshop on designing learning power infused lessons.
  • Progression in learning power. A workshop that considers the progression of scope, frequency and skill in the use of learning power and how this can be assessed.
  • Harnessing Parent Learning Power. Ways of introducing BLP to parents and engaging their assistance in helping their children form powerful learning habits
  • Coaching - What and Why. A workshop to develop practical coaching skills in order to assist other staff in implementing BLP effectively.
  • Planning a learning-power-infused curriculum. A workshop to consider where and how the development of learning power fits throughout the curriculum.

What will TLO provide?

  • A facilitator and digital presentation
  • A resource book for each participant for use during each day
  • A range of handbooks, audit tools and CD-ROMs depending on the programme designed

Further Information

  • Ideal for school networks and clusters although each workshop is also available for individual schools that wish to ensure all staff are fully confident with BLP approaches.
  • When used in school networks we advise a minimum of two participants per school to enable ease of transfer of the ideas into the school..
  • The programme is challenging and requires participants to undertake or manage learning enquiries across the school between sessions.
  • Programme workshops will be spaced to meet
    school needs.
  • Participants should, wherever possible, have attended Building the Foundations of Learning Power (level 1) since this level 2 programme assumes previous knowledge and experience.

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