Coaching — What and Why

  • Overview
  • Primary
  • Secondary

Stand-alone one-day workshop for middle leaders and classroom practitioners.

The workshop secures understanding of the basic principles and practice of coaching and its practical applications for all aspects of the school.

How will participants benefit?

The workshop enables participants to:

  • Introduce coaching into their work with colleagues and young people
  • Improve their personal effectiveness through self-reflection and feedback
  • Recognise diversity in learning and the impact of emotional intelligence in schools
  • Adopt a rigorous approach when personalising the learning of others
  • Help others achieve their professional and personal goals

What does the content include?

  • School learning-culture check
  • Practical demonstration of coaching
  • Skills – Motivation analytical tool
  • Developing questioning skills
  • Adopting a coaching plan of action

What will TLO provide?

  • A skilled facilitator and digital presentation
  • A resource book for each person for use on the day
  • One copy of Pathways to Coaching for each participant

Further Information

  • Ideal for school networks or clusters but can be adapted for individual schools. When run for school networks we advise a minimum of two participants from each school due to the amount of paired learning involved.

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