Getting Started with Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills

  • Overview
  • Secondary

A one-day introductory workshop for secondary teachers, exploring the practicalities of bringing the PLaTS alive in classrooms.

How will participants benefit?

The workshop helps participants to:

  • Recognise how current good teaching practice forms the bedrock for developing PLTS
  • Be confident to start making PLaTS explicit to students
  • Introduce a common language for learning across the school
  • Design learning experiences that integrate the development of PLTS with subject content
  • Be aware of managing and tracking progression in PLTS

What does the content include?

  • Unpicking the PLaTS into learning habits.
  • Learning experiences that build PLaTS.
  • Practical classroom activities.
  • Teaching routines.
  • Recognising progression in PLaTS.
  • New ways to scaffold learning.

What will TLO provide?

  • A facilitator and digital presentation
  • A resource book for each participant for use during the day
  • One set of At A Glance cards (PaLTS) for each participant
  • 1 set of PaLTS4KIDS posters per school
  • Two copies per school of Learning to Learn — The Fourth Generation by Professor Guy Claxton

Further Information

  • Changing the curriculum at KS3 means deepening and developing students’ learning habits. QCA’s Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills provide a framework for understanding the habits that all young people should acquire as a foundation for maximum achievement at KS4 and beyond. This workshop digs beneath these broad terms to the specific skills that are needed and explores what teachers can do to build these lifelong habits
  • An ideal starter workshop for introducing key staff to PLaTS.
  • Up to a maximum of 30 participants.

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