Building Learning Habits

  • Overview
  • Secondary

A flexible programme of workshops and coaching for middle leaders and teachers, exploring the practicalities of embedding learning habits into the curriculum.

How will the school benefit?

The programme ensures that participants are able to champion the enhancement of deep independent learning habits within the school’s interpretation of the curriculum.

How will participants benefit?

The programme helps participants to:

  • Appreciate the range of learning habits that capable learners need
  • Develop a language of learning for the school
  • Identify current good practice in the light of promoting learning habits
  • Develop approaches to dual-focused teaching
  • Perfect teaching routines designed to stretch and expand students’ learning capacities
  • Develop ways of assessing students’ progress in developing learning habits.

What does the content include?

Workshop one

  • What are learning habits?
  • Learning-focused teaching
  • Teaching routines to build learning capacity
  • Infusing learning habit development into subjects, projects and themes

Workshop two

  • The how of dual-focus teaching
  • Recognising progress in learning habits
  • Developing learning conversations with staff and students
  • Learning enquiries in the development of learning habits

Consultancy/coaching day

  • Building on learning enquiry findings
  • Deepening classroom practice
  • Assessing learning across the school
  • Developing a way forward for the school

What will TLO provide?

  • A facilitator and digital presentations
  • A resource book of materials for each participant for each workshop
  • A copy of the books Building Learning Power, Learning to Learn — The Fourth Generation, Building 101 Ways to Learning Power and Pathways to Coaching for each participant.
  • 1 set of At A Glance cards for each participant
  • The BLP Activity Bank: A one-year licence to use a web based tool containing over 300 activities to engage students in understanding and stretching their learning habits.

Further Information

  • The programme can be run for one school or a group of two or three schools. To ensure ease of transfer of the ideas into the school, we recommend at least eight staff attend from each school.
  • The three days of the programme can be organised in ways to suit the school. E.g. Workshops on Friday evening and Saturday. Workshops two weeks apart with consultancy half a term later. We will accommodate your needs.

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