Building the Foundations for Learning Power (Level 1)

  • Overview
  • Primary

A four-day course to prepare lead practitioners to develop pupils’ powerful learning habits in their schools.

How will the school benefit?

The course trains skilled lead practitioners to introduce and develop learning power practice with other staff across the school. This in turn helps the school to build internal capacity to manage its development as a learning powered school.

How will participants benefit?

The course enables participants to:

  • Implement learning power approaches in their own classrooms
  • Undertake their own learning enquiries (action research) into developing powerful learning habits in their pupils
  • Coach other staff in implementing the approach with their pupils
  • Plan a whole-school approach to integrating learning power into the school’s learning culture.

What does the content include?

  • The make-up of the supple learning mind
  • Teaching approaches that develop pupils’ powerful learning habits
  • Adapting teaching habits through a coaching approach
  • Setting up, conducting and reflecting on classroom based learning enquiries
  • Planning a whole school learning-development strategy

What does TLO provide?

  • A facilitator and digital presentations
  • A resource book each day for each participant
  • A copy of each of the following books for each participant: Building Learning Power, Building 101 Ways to Learning Power, Building Learning Power In Action and Learning to Learn — The Fourth Generation.

Further Information

  • Ideal for school networks and clusters, but can be used in individual schools that wish to ensure all key staff are fully conversant with BLP approaches.
  • When used for school networks we advise a minimum of two participants per school, to enable ease of transfer of the ideas into the school.
  • The course is challenging and requires participants to undertake significant classroom enquiries between sessions.
  • Suggested course schedule: Days 1 & 2 one week apart; Day 3 half a term later; Day 4 one term after Day 3.
  • Wherever possible headteachers are advised to attend Day 4 to support the school team in planning the implementation of learning power across the school.

The depth and challenge of what is involved in building pupils’ learning power is widely underestimated. It has to be viewed as a gradual, sometimes difficult but hugely worthwhile process of culture change in schools and habit change by teachers. This four day course strengthens the school’s capacity to lead and manage this worthwhile learning journey.

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