Infusing Learning Power into Lessons

  • Overview
  • Primary

A practical one-day workshop for teachers who have successfully introduced the language of learning and are ready to deliver dual focused learning powered lessons.

How will the school benefit?

The workshop:

  • Creates a common understanding of split-screen teaching
  • Enables staff to blend learning power throughout everyday lessons
  • Creates an initial bank of lessons for the school from which to extend practice in future.

How will participants benefit?

The workshop enables participants to:

  • Assess current lessons the curriculum and for learning-power potential
  • Adapt plans to integrate learning power
  • Identify where and how to incorporate learning power into learning
  • Blend learning-power capacities into their lessons, whatever the content
  • Develop an initial bank of learning-powered lessons for immediate use.

What does the content include?

  • What a learning-powered learning experience looks like
  • Examples of learning-powered lessons
  • Practical activities engaging participants in designing their own learning-powered learning experiences

What will TLO provide?

  • A facilitator and digital presentation
  • A resource book for each participant for use during the day

Further Information

  • The workshop is ideal for staff of an individual school that has at least two terms of classroom-based experience of learning power.
  • It can also be run for a network of schools with solid BLP experience. To ensure ease of transfer of the ideas into each school, we recommend that at least two staff from each school attend.
  • Maximum 20 participants with one trainer due to the hands –on practical nature of the workshop.
  • Participants will need to have access to a computer and the internet for the practical activities.

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