Building 101 Ways to Better Learning

  • Overview
  • Primary

An introductory workshop for classroom practitioners, exploring practical ways of tweaking good practice to ensure pupils develop powerful learning habits.

How will the school benefit?

The workshop offers a practical introduction about how to build powerful learning habits in pupils’. It enables the school to quickly and confidently introduce and experiment with the approach in classrooms. It offers a robust start for the school’s learning journey.

How will participants benefit?

The workshop enables participants to:

  • Recognise how current good teaching practice forms the bedrock for developing learning habits
  • Be confident to start making learning power explicit to pupils in their classroom
  • Use and develop a common language for learning across the school
  • Identify whole-school issues that contribute to building a learning power culture.

What does the content include?

  • The what of learning power dispositions and capacities
  • How other schools have tackled introducing learning power
  • Practical ways of introducing learning power to pupils
  • Developing the language of learning power
  • Activities that build pupils’ learning power

What will TLO provide?

  • A facilitator and digital presentation
  • A resource book for each participant for use on the day
  • A copy of the handbook Building 101 Ways to Learning Power for each participant

Further Information

  • The workshop can be delivered for one school or a group or network of schools.
  • It is an ideal introduction for all staff in schools where key staff are also attending a BLP Foundation Course.
  • It offers a way into BLP that the school can take further through DIY packs of materials entitled Building Better Learners
  • It is the ideal start of a two-year systematic BLP development programme for an individual primary school.

The depth and challenge of what is involved in building pupils’ learning power is widely underestimated. It has to be viewed as a gradual, sometimes difficult but hugely worthwhile process of culture change in schools and habit change by teachers. The workshop aims to give the school a flying start for that worthwhile journey.

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