Becoming World Class Leading Learning in the 21st Century

Park View School
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Key speakers:

  • David Leat, Director of the Research Centre for Learning and Teaching, Newcastle University
  • Guy Claxton, Professor of the Learning Sciences, University of Winchester, and originator of the Building Learning Power programme.

How do you weigh an elephant without a scale? – Why is the sky blue? – Why do jet planes sound louder on a hot day? What would your students do if faced with these questions orothers like them? Would they meet them with enthusiasm, flexibility, and confidence? Arethey learning to pass exams, or learning how to learn?

Iain Veitch, headteacher at Park View School, is one of a growing number of leaders of learning who have found that by focusing on how we learn, and by anchoring that philosophy into the culture of the school, attainment is raised, morale improves, and behaviour is transformed. The end result is students with the independence and flexibility required by the modern workplace, and indeed life in general. This expansive education approach reaches far beyond the narrow confines of what Ofsted now defines as ‘outstanding’.

Truly comprehensive, pervasive change such as this needs to happen at all levels within aschool – the metamorphosis needs to be supported by leaders and governors, as well as staff and students. With a specific focus on the role that leaders must play in developing this culture shift, the workshops at this event will include:

  • Professional Learning to Enhance the Learning Agenda – a detailed look at the types of CPD that are most effective in helping the change happen.
  • Transforming Faculties – how middle leaders can encourage staff across a faculty to embrace the challenge of a new approach.
  • How Good is Learning in Your School? – an introduction to the Learning QualityFramework, a rigorous developmental framework to guide a school towards delivering outstanding learning. The Framework provides a comprehensive map for exploring, instilling, and developing these practices within a school.
  • Transforming a Primary School into a Thinking School – a demonstration of how pioneers of learning at St Benet’s Primary School went about embedding learningpower throughout the school.

This conference offers you the opportunity not only to immerse yourself in the insights of those living with the power of learning every day, but to hear from David Leat, a recognised authority on Coaching and Enquiry Based Learning, and Professor Guy Claxton, the originator of Building Learning Power. Both will bring a wealth of experience backed by decades of research, to deepen the exploration of learning and its transformative potential.

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