Aiming Beyond 'Outstanding': Learning at the heart of two contrasting schools

South Dartmoor Community College
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9.00am - 3.30pm

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For young people to thrive in this difficult, globalised century they will need to be independent and optimistic, with flexible and constructive learning habits of mind. What is your school — what are you, and your staff — doing to help them to grow as learners like this? And what could you be doing?

Hugh Bellamy, as Principal of two highly contrasting schools over the past ten years, has boiled this down to one fundamental question: How can we ensure that all our students develop the learning habits they will need to meet the challenges of these uncertain times? At George Pindar Sports College in Scarborough, Hugh and his staff transformed low levels of attainment, behaviour and motivation, making it the most improved school in the UK. Now, as Principal of South Dartmoor Community College, Hugh has inherited a school that was doing very well – ‘outstanding’ at Ofsted, and highly regarded in its community. Nevertheless, the same fundamental question applies, and the task is to move on from outstanding to world class.

What Hugh and others around the country have found is that the same kinds of innovative approach succeed in very different schools. The key is an explicit focus on students as learners — a whole-school commitment to growing understanding and discourse about learning as a way of life, embedded in and enlivening the entire formal curriculum. Many schools throughout the UK and abroad have adopted the same approaches and are making the journey to world class, from widely different starting points. Their experience shows that, although some people may fear that innovative changes in practice will put at risk the precious ‘results’ and league-table positions, the reverse tends to be true.

At South Dartmoor you will be able to visit classrooms and interact with students to see how this approach works in real life. Workshops will include:

Student Leadership in Group Work: presenting a range of practical ways in which students have been helped to develop social learning habits;

Hands on, Minds on: developing learning habits through cross-curricular activities; Recording Movement,

Enhancing Focus:
showing how students can be helped to improve their reflective learning habits, using new technologies to enhance learning.

The conference provides a chance to immerse yourself in the ideas and practical insights, showcased by people who live with learning power every day. Every participant will receive a copy of the latest book by Professor Guy Claxton and his TLO colleagues, The Learning Powered School: Pioneering 21st Century Education (RRP £23.95)

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