Immerse yourself in Learning Power

Eastway Primary School
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8.45am - 3.15pm

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19th June 2012 at Eastway Primary School, Wirral

What do we mean by learning power? What does it look like in classrooms? What do teachers do differently? How are pupils different? Why is it worth the effort?

Headteachers with an interest in learning have been seeking answers to these questions for a while. It’s hard to get the answers from books or pictures or even inspirational speakers. You need to be able to see it, touch it, hear it and question it in real time.

This day offers a rare opportunity to discover the meaning, the joy and the tricky bits of this practical, common-sense approach to learning. Find out how Building Learning Power ensures that pupils become engaged, independent and inquisitive learners.

Since 2008, Eastway Primary School have been answering this challenge. They have found that using the language and ideas of learning power has enabled them to create a culture shift in their school: no more ‘I can’t do it’, but instead a ‘want to, will do, can do’ attitude and approach to learning.

Headteacher Deborah Marchant and her staff believe that the development of childrens’ learning dispositions can’t be left to chance and that they need to develop strong learning habits from their earliest days in school.

The Showcase day will let you explore, with them, how staff and pupils are committed to this ethos for becoming powerful learners.

Come and join us on the 19th June to see how:

  • Pupils at Eastway develop strong learning habits from their very first day at school.
  • A common language for learning enables pupils to talk about and develop their own learning habits.
  • Staff and pupils have shaped their own learning journey using the Learning Quality Framework as a guide.

Professor Guy Claxton is visiting the Eastway Showcase day to witness excellent learningpower practice for himself. We have persuaded him to give a short presentation at the start of the day.

Here’s your opportunity to question the theory and experience the practice in just one day.

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