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New Forest
Lyndhurst Park Hotel
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Lyndhurst Park Hotel, New Forest, SO43 7NL. On Friday 29th June 2012

Research has shown that schools that concentrate on achieving outstanding learning also achieve ‘outstanding’ teaching and improve the performance of their pupils in external tests and exams.

This workshop aims to explore how a school can enrich, deepen and integrate classroom approaches to learning, on the way to becoming a truly world-class learning school.

The workshop will consider the dimensions of a learning school, the principles that guide it ,and stages on the journey to becoming one. You will get to use audit materials to help gauge where you are now on the journey, and development tools to suggest how you might move forward.

These specialist materials that we will be using are drawn from the Learning Quality Framework – a rigorous developmental framework for guiding the longterm journey of a school that aspires to make world-class learning its prime educational goal. It brings this vital yet challenging aspiration to life through practical descriptions of what a school will be doing as it progresses towards realising its aspiration for learning. It is designed for schools, such as yours, that want to give their pupils a better deal by consciously expanding their capacity and desire to learn.

At the workshop you will be working with like-minded schools which, like you, have already committed time and effort to approaches such as Creative Curriculum, Habits of Mind, Assessment for Learning, Learning without Limits, Philosophy for Children, Building Learning Power, Looking for Learning, and SEAL. Like you, they will want to ensure that these efforts will bear fruit and be sustained in the future.

Come and join us in a new type of approach to supporting and scaffolding your future development of world class learning.
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