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Hundreds of schools, both primary and secondary, have adopted a new pedagogy that puts learning back at the heart of classroom activity. The changes in classroom practice and school-culture have been remarkable. Teachers have rediscovered the creativity that brought them into the profession and their students have become more effective learners. The 'how' of classroom practice has been hastened by teachers willing to share their ideas, by consultants documenting schools’ progress and by careful research into what works and why. This range of learning resources offers practical help to schools and teachers as they make a start on helping students become better learners. Some have been written by teachers themselves, others draw on best practice found in schools around the country.

As schools continue their learning journey we hope to commission more examples of successful practice for others to learn from imitate and adapt.

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Reach for the Stars Blaze - Tracking learning on-line Activity bank
Reach for the Stars Blaze - tracking learning on-line BLP Activity Bank

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